EnPak Powered Utility Truck

EnPak Powered Utility Truck

DATE: November 07, 2016
CATEGORY: Utility Trucks, Custom Trucks

EnPak Powered Utility Truck

Larger Utility trucks always give great opportunities to come up with creative, industry-specific worktruck solutions for our customers. This unit is is a repeat build for one of customers who loved the versatility of their first unit. For Round 2, we made a few tweaks, and built them this EnPak driven, purpose-built Utility Truck the way they wanted it to improve their efficiency on the job. 

This truck features some special things on it to help these guys get their jobs done faster and more efficiently. The Miller EnPak has long been accepted by the heavy equipment world for its functionality on mechanics trucks, but as you all may recall from a previous post (video below), it's endlessly applicable in other industries, too, and Utilities is no exception. The EnPak not only powers the hydraulic tool cicruit and provides compressed air for running big tools, but on this unit, we use it to power an in-cab HVAC unit that keeps that huge cab cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We have had customers say, "yeah, the EnPak is great, but my tech is still going to run the truck so he can cool off or warm up..." Options like this mean the EnPak can do what it is designed to do: work hard, save you money, and extend the life of your chassis. 

Features on this unit include:

  • Miller EnPak on a custom slide-out table to allow for servicing of unit
  • EnPak-powered HVAC system in cab
  • EnPak-powered hydraulic tool circuit
  • NFE fit and finish mean every hose and wire is safely routed and properly protected to maximize life and simplify service 
  • A customized Reading body with rollup rear door 
  • Possum belly box for tools
  • Custom shelving and tool storage
  • Hannay reels for hydraulics and air
  • Whelen lighting 
  • Water keg and microwave 

If your company is interested in customized Utility Trucks from NFE or would like information about the EnPak system and its potential applications in your industry, contact us, and a member of our team will be happy to talk with you. 

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