Kaiden’s New Bike

Kaiden’s New Bike

DATE: March 30, 2016
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Kaiden's New Wheels

A few weeks ago, NFE salesman Will McGee asked us if we thought we might be able to help out a young man his step-mother worked with in her therapy practice. Kaiden,we learned, was a 5 year old young man with Cerebral Palsy. Kaiden loved being outside on his bike, but he had a very old one that he had outgrown, and his new steed needed some work before he could take off on it. 

Of course, we were glad to take on this job, so after meeting Kaiden and taking some measurements, our shop techs got to work on getting his new bike up to speed. With a little shop magic by NFE Tech Darrel Staton (below, right), Kaiden's new bike was ready to ride when he came back to see us this week. 

This finished product gives Kaiden a lot of adjustability and some room to grow, and his smile as he tore around the showroom and the parking lot made for a great end to the day.


We were really glad to get to work with Kaiden and hope he enjoys his new wheels for a long time! He's an awesome young man who gave us all some big smiles and laughs. If only every job was this fun! 

If you're around your TV tonight at 6pm, tune in to News Channel 9's "Made in Our Hometown" series to learn more about Kaiden and his new ride! 

You can also see the segment online at: http://newschannel9.com/features/made-in-our-hometown

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