New 11’ IMT Dominator III & 12000 Crane Announcement

DATE: June 08, 2017
CATEGORY: Mechanics Trucks, News & Events

New 11' IMT Dominator III & 12000lb Crane Package

We're very excited about the most recent announcement out of IMT, that we can now offer an 11' Dominator III body and a 12000lb crane to our customers. 

For a long time, the 11' body/12000 crane package has been one that was missing from IMT's exceptional lineup of mechanics bodies. We're thrilled that we can now offer our customers a 12000lb IMT crane on an 11' body and do so at a competitive pricepoint. 

We know many of our customers have been waiting on this for a long time, and we'll be happy to discuss these new options with you if it's of interest to your company. 

For more info, please contact a member of the NFE Sales team! 

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Read the IMT Press Release Here

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