NFE Places Large IMT Stock Order for 2018

NFE Places Large IMT Stock Order for 2018

DATE: January 16, 2018
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NFE Places Large IMT Order for 2018

We are now a few weeks into 2018, and the new year is already shaping up to be a very busy one for us here at Nichols Fleet Equipment. In the final months of 2017, we began to see our build slots for Q1 and Q2 quickly filling up, and while this is a "problem" we certainly don't mind having, we weren't the only ones in the truck equipment world experiencing a significant influx of orders.


Industry-wide, the rapidly increasing demand for equipment means manufacturers were starting to experience longer lead times, and those lead times showed no signs of decreasing any time soon. As these lead times continued to stretch out, our team decided that we needed to change up our game if we were going to have equipment to supply to our customers as their 2018 budgets took shape.

In November, NFE placed a very large order with IMT to make sure that when our customers called, we would have them covered. While this is a departure from our traditional practices, we recognized that the current market demanded an aggressive approach. This equipment will begin shipping to us in Q3 and will be spread out throughout the second half of 2018 (see equipment preview below). We have also established a program to ensure that chassis for this equipment are readily available as well.

So here we sit, two weeks into 2018, already looking at a years-worth of equipment coming our way! But with the way things are rolling, we feel confident it'll move sooner than later.

For all of our customers gearing up for a big year, please contact us if your company is going to have needs for IMT equipment. We would love to discuss your service fleet goals and how NFE can help you achieve them.

We hope everyone has a productive and successful 2018, and we look forward to continuing successful relationships with all of you as we move forward.

Equipment Arriving Q3*

11' Dominator I Bodies for Class V Chassis-- 22' and 30' 7500lb Crane Options
11' DSC20 Bodies for Class IV or V Chassis-- 20' 2020e Crane & Deep Bumper Options
11' Dominator II Bodies for Class VI or VII Chassis w/ 30' 10000lb Cranes
14' Dominator III Bodies for Class VII Chassis w/ 30' 10000lb Cranes (Can Also Accept 12000lb Cranes)

*All units can be changed to meet customer spec up to 60 days prior to shipping. Any changes subject to price change.

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