IMT Articulating Cranes And Wallboard Cranes

Versatile Lifting Solutions

Easily load and unload materials, even when the worksite is full of obstacles. IMT knuckleboom cranes have an articulating "knuckle" where the crane can pivot from in the middle of the arm. Unlike standard telescopic cranes, articulating (or knuckleboom) cranes are more versatile, allowing a person to move materials or heavy equipment easier and more efficiently.

Made to Work

Knuckleboom cranes stow within themselves, freeing up payload space for additional materials. This is perfect while traveling from one job site to another or needing to store more equipment on the truck bed.

A Crane for Any Job

We offer cranes that are ideal for virtually any project with capacities up to 320,000 ft-lb and reaches ranging from 10’ to nearly 70’. Articulating cranes make great solutions for any work environment-- material handling, heavy equipment repair, monument setting, propane, and more.

The Right Crane for Your Application

Our educated sales team will work with you to find the appropriate IMT knuckleboom or telescopic crane for your specific job. We understand your industry and know what questions to ask to put the right crane on the right truck for you.

Industry Leading IMT Wallboard Cranes

IMT wallboard cranes are ideal for handling stacked or palletized material and IMT hydraulics. They provide excellent lift capacity, extensive reach, maneuverability and exceptional operator visibility, even in tight places. Wallboard cranes are perfect within the construction industry, handling drywall and other delicate construction materials easily.

Customize Your Truck!

Many of our NFE custom solutions can be added to Articulating and telescopic crane trucks to add enhanced safety and productivity to your truck. Contact an NFE Sales team member to inquire about any of the custom options you see here and how we can incorporate them into your next build.

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