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Power Liftgates


A liftgate refers to a foldable platform that is mounted onto the back of a commercial or pickup truck. These products can be useful on construction sites, in residential services and home deliveries, or if there is no access to a loading dock. A liftgate is permanently installed on the back of the vehicle and used to load or unload freight from the ground into the back of the vehicle.

Nichols Fleet is your source for top-quality hydraulic liftgates from industry-leading manufacturers like Tommy Gate, Maxon, Thieman, Waltco and more. Whether you need a small liftgate for a pickup truck or a utility body or a high-capacity rail lift for a van or box truck, Nichols Fleet Equipment is your one-stop-shop for all your liftgate needs. 


Truck Liftgate Manufacturers We Carry 

Nichols Fleet is your source for quality liftgates from industry-leading manufacturers like Tommy Gate, Maxon, Theiman, Waltco, and more. 


Tommy Gate

Woodbine Manufacturing Company is the developer of Tommy Gate, a premier brand of private, commercial, and industrial hydraulic lifts. Since its creation in 1965, Tommy Gate is now sold on five continents across the world. Its strong reputation for quality has been built through strict adherence to the highest standards of engineering, craftsmanship, and customer service. 


Since 1957, this family-owned company's drive to innovate has changed the world of liftgates. With products such as Light Duty Series, RAILLIFT™, Conventional, Tuk-A-Way®, SLIDELIFT™, COLUMNLIFT™, GasBottle, Maxon provides products that will range for any need. 



Thieman Tailgates, Inc. markets a full-line of hydraulic liftgates for light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks and trailers. Toplifters, Stowaways, Railgates, Sideloaders, and Conventional models are all part of the Thieman line-up. For many years Thieman has been customizing liftgates to meet specific needs. From 1000lb to 6600lb lifting capabilities, Thieman can provide a liftgate for almost every application. 




Waltco Lift Corp. is the leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of hydraulic lift gates for truck and trailer applications. Waltco Lift Corp. was formed by the merge of Waltco Truck Equipment and Ultron Lift Corp. and operates in Canada as Waltco Lift. Inc. 

Pickup Truck Liftgate

Pickup truck liftgates are convenient for loading various smaller items such as household appliances. It is critical to know what the liftgate will be lifting in order to determine proper platform size, lifting capacity, and platform material. 

Nichols Fleet is experienced in installing pickup truck liftgates -- we can help determine what exactly you need. We carry a range of brands that manufacture liftgates specifically designed for pickup trucks. 

Liftgate Repairs 

Nichols Fleet's parts and services department is fully equipped to keep older liftgates running smoothly. 

If you need a repair or service on your liftgate, contact us today!

How to Determine the Right Liftgate 

  • Consider the type and size of the vehicle 
    • Know your vehicle's Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVW)
  • Determine what type of load the liftgate will be required to move and how it will be handled
    • For instance, bulky items may require a larger platform size, and top-heavy loads might require a level ride gate
    • Also how the load is handled (i.e. if an electrical pallet jack is used) will inform the platform size needed
  • Know the required lifting capacity 
    • You will need to select a liftgate that has the capacity to lift the heaviest load you will have
    • Make sure you include the weight of the load, pallet, and pallet jack if being used and the weight of the operator if needed to determine the total weight
  • Determine which type of liftgate you need
    • The type of vehicle you have will determine the type of liftgate that will work best for you
    • You will also need to consider the applications: 
      • For instance, if you are dock loading, if you have heavy loads,  or high carts
      • What options will assist with the loading and unloading? (Cart stops, ramps, handheld controls)
  • Select a liftgate that is compatible with your bed height 
    • Make sure the lift is able to accommodate the bed height requirement 
    • Measurements need to be made for the worst-case scenario to ensure the lift can bridge the proper height

You can find more information about determining which choice is the right one for you by clicking here

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