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Over the course of our 25-plus year history in the truck equipment industry, some of the strongest customer relationships we've developed have been with Ag dealers throughout the Southeastern US. We understand that Ag equipment is just as complex and needs just as much service attention as any heavy construction equipment, and we offer countless customized solutions geared towards helping our Ag partners maximize their service opportunities and productivity. Whether you're on a construction site or a farm, field service provides great revenue opportunities, and we work with you to build the ideal trucks for the opportunities in your area. NFE is a one-stop-shop for all of your Ag equipment and farm service truck needs.

Smaller Farm Service Trucks

Offering the full line of IMT service bodies and cranes allows us to customize smaller Class V (or below) units to meet the needs of Ag dealers who might specialize more in smaller equipment. From smaller hydraulic cranes to electric cranes on lighter-duty bodies, we can customize a unit to fit the unique needs of your dealership.

Fuel & Lube Trailers for Agriculture

Originally designed to provide a practical, productive, and economical option for PM service on farm equipment, Thunder Creek Equipment is rapidly expanding to service heavy equipment in a number of industries outside of the Ag world. These modular, customizable fuel/lube/DEF trailers offer a versatile, non-CDL option to customers who need to keep their field equipment (or that of their customers) fueled & lubed up on the job.

Custom Beds

We recognize that for many of our customers, their fleet goes beyond crane trucks. We offer trucks, bodies, and equipment of all shapes and sizes, offering our customers a one-stop-shop for all of their fleet needs. These custom beds feature a hydraulic gate and a winch for loading, unloading, and transporting smaller equipment.

Custom Farm Service Trucks

NFE specializes in customized solutions for the most specific jobs our customers tackle, and farm service trucks are no different. If you have a unique application that requires a unique work truck-- like the well-service truck pictured here-- give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your needs and how we can build a truck to help.

Four years ago Hutson was a small, six-location John Deere dealership. We were experiencing issues with our crane body supplier for our service trucks. The customer service I was receiving lacked a lot; it would never fly with our customers. I ran across Nichols Fleet Equipment while searching for a new provider. My only reservation was [that] NFE is located in eastern Tennessee and we are in western Kentucky. After my first conversation with the NFE employees, I knew that distance was not a barrier. We are now fourteen locations across four states, a top-five revenue producer, and have the largest contiguous area of responsibility for John Deere. We feel we have grown with NFE. They have offered us customized solutions to improve our technician safety and productivity. NFE has rebuilt existing bodies for us when we were not ready to retire them. NFE is always available if we have questions or need parts, regardless of the brand of body. NFE was able to supply me a cab/chassis and crane body within a week of wrecking one. I had the pleasure of touring the NFE facility. Everyone there is very eager to help, and I know if I ever have a question I can call the folks at NFE.
Jim Gilliam - Hutson, Inc.

Small Crane Solutions

Maxilift cranes offer versatile, powerful, and compact lifting solutions that can easily mount on trailers, flatbeds, or pickups, making them ideal for Ag work. These fully-hydraulic Italian cranes are extremely well-built, and enhance not only the productivity, but the safety of any job. The smallest of the family, the ANT50 (pictured) offers a full 8'1" of hydraulic reach and can lift 1100lbs (440lbs at full reach).

Rollback Units

Transporting equipment is a big part of the job for many dealers, and rollback units provide the most efficient way to load, transport, and unload equipment. If rollbacks are a part of your fleet, we can help find the right unit for your needs.


NFE can design and provide customized fuel and lube skids to fit anywhere they're needed, from service trucks to pickup beds. We design kids off all kinds-- oil products, salvage, fuel, DEF, or any combination of the three. Our in-house CAD design can allow customers to visualize how their skid will look before production so they know exactly what they're getting before it shows up.

Custom Truck Flatbeds

NFE offers a wide range of flatbed bodies for all size trucks. Flatbeds can be customized with underbody boxes, goosenecks hitches, heavy-duty bumpers, and strobes/lightbars. NFE offers quality Freedom Truck Beds from Blue Ridge Manufacturing.

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