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Aggregate, Milling, & Paving Equipment

Customize Your Road Equipment

From custom paint and paving machinery to our NFE custom truck solutions, we partner with our customers to build the ideal solutions to the unique challenges their daily jobs pose.

Support Road Building Equipment on the Job

NFE is also proud to represent Elliott Machine Works and their impressive line of trucks geared towards milling and paving support. Offering solutions for any size truck and even large, off-road units built on heavy equipment chassis, Elliott makes impressive support products for all road building applications. Our customers can customize trucks using custom paints, Weight-Saving Poly Water Tanks, Vanair Compressor, Custom Fuel, DEF, and Oil Product Tanks, Single or Tandem Axle Options.

IMT Mechanics Trucks

As one of largest IMT dealers in the US, we take great pride not only in our 25+ year history with this premium brand of bodies and cranes, but also in our assemblies of them. At NFE, we go the extra mile to make sure our installations are second to none. Click to learn more about what makes an NFE truck stand out from the competition.

IMT Articulating Cranes

We're proud to offer IMT's entire range of articulating cranes. With an ideal crane for virtually any project, IMT offers capacities up to 320,000 ft-lb and reaches ranging from 10’ to nearly 70’. Click to learn more about the knucklebooms we can offer to bring serious lifting power and versatility to your fleet.

Elliott Equipment Speciality Units for Aggregate

Elliott Equipment is the leader in quality high-reach aerial lifts, and they even offer specialty units designed specifically for aggregate customers. Call NFE for more info on specialized Elliott products like the EnPak-powered ANFO unit seen here. We have years of experience with Elliott products, and our trained Sales department will be happy to discuss your Elliott needs.

IMT Fuel & Lube Units

NFE is a Diamond Authority IMT dealer, and we have over 25 years of experience with IMT fuel and lube products. Several of the first IMT lube units we sold are still in the field today-- these truck stand the test of time. IMT is an industry leader in fuel and lube trucks, and their products will keep your big machines working on the job for years. IMT offers open or enclosed configurations and weight-saving options like poly tanks.

Elliott Hi-Reach for Aggregate Support
Elliott Machine Works Water Trucks
On Site DEF Solutions from Thunder Creek
See Inventory of Available Trucks
Throughout our history, Nichols Fleet Equipment has built many strong relationships with aggregate companies and road builders. As with all of our customers, we work to design the best trucks for their specific applications so jobs can be done safer and more efficiently. Whether your company needs fuel/water/lube trucks, mechanics trucks, or on-site lighting, NFE offers a one stop shop for the best products in the industry.

Thunder Creek Equipment

Thunder Creek Equipment manufactures a full line of diesel/DEF handling and field maintenance solutions for construction, heavy earthmoving industries, and anyone else needing on-demand fuel, lube, or DEF solutions. Thunder Creek offers award winning trailers, totes, and support products built to withstand harsh environments. We feel that there is endless potential for these products in a lot of different areas: field service fuel, lube, and DEF trailers that can stay under CDL/HAZMAT requirements. In addition to trailer solutions, Thunder Creek also offers stationary solutions for DEF dispensation. With Tier 4 engines becoming more and more prevalent, options for proper handling and dispensation of DEF is crucial and the savings from purchasing DEF in bulk vs the small jugs is substantial, and Thunder Creek offers many trailer-based and stationary solutions for DEF. These units are modular, customizable, and very well built.

Miller EnPak

Nichols Fleet is one of the largest distributors and installers of Miller EnPaks in the USA, and it is a product with which we have been extremely impressed. Built to answer the challenges posed by today's Tier 4 engines and their inability to idle for long periods of time, the EnPak is a cost-saving tool that pays for itself very quickly and can greatly extend the life of your truck while saving on fuel costs at the same time.

Airstar Lighting

NFE offers the entire line of Airstar Balloon Lighting for a variety of industries. Airstar lights provide versatile and safe lighting solutions for any low-light work environment. Offering 360 degrees of glare-free, diffused lighting, Airstar lights inflate and illuminate quickly and offer unparalleled visibility for enhanced workplace safety. While extremely powerful and capable of illuminating large areas, the glare-free lighting will not blind drivers approaching road work sites at night. NFE currently has several units in stock from the small S-90 suitcase unit capable of plugging into a vehicle and illuminating 3,400 sq/ft up to to a Sirocco 3000 that mounts to a converted light generator trailer (also available in stock at NFE) and can illuminate 75,000 sq/ft.

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