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Monument & Propane Trucks

Custom Monument Trucks

Our 25 years experience with truck-mounted cranes and customized bodies has made us a leader in building job-specific monument trucks for our stone-setting customers. Whether a customer wants a standard flatbed with a corner-mount telescopic crane or one of our custom monument bodies with a versatile and powerful articulating crane, we have monument-setting offerings to fit every need and budget.

Revolutionary Products

As with any truck we build, we're always on the lookout for new products to help our customers in the field. MaxiLift cranes offer exceptional lifting power in a very small package, making them ideal for smaller monument applications on unique vehicles or for customers who want to maximize load space on their truck body.

Built for Setting Stones

NFE monument beds can be as simple as a basic flatbed or they can be fully optimized to feature sand and/or gravel boxes, water tanks for setting and leveling stones, and any suitable storage box configuration either above or below deck.

Air Power

Add an air compressor to your truck for on-site stone cutting ability. NFE offers a variety of air compressor options, and we'll work with you to get you the right compressor for your job.

Underbody & Possum Belly Boxes

Add underbody and possum belly boxes for safely storing all the shovels and tools you need to get your stones set quickly.

Platform Choices

We offer standard steel decking, wood, and even “Rumber” compressed rubber decking that keeps stones safe from chipping during transportation, loading, and unloading.

Just Add Water

An underbody water tank can be added to most monument trucks we build. Just another example of how NFE is building trucks with your job in mind. We build our trucks to help you get your job done safer, faster, and more efficiently.

It's hard to put into words how impressed I am with this build. It amazes me the amount of thought and sheer ingenuity that goes into a truck built by Nichols Fleet. I am sure that I would be hard-pressed to find another company that can even come close to what you can come up with...Best-built monument rig in the nation. Truck is a hoss!
Austin Keesee

Propane Trucks for Sale

Like our monument trucks, our propane trucks are varied and specialized, and we have the industry experience to help you build the best truck for your job.

Propane-Specific Body Configurations

We offer everything from propane‐specific IMT body configurations to customized NFE propane beds with crane/body/box configurations built to suit each customer’s specific needs.

Crane Choices

We specialize in truck-mounted cranes and our knowledgable sales staff can work with you to decide if your propane truck would be better served by an IMT telescopic crane or a versatile and powerful IMT knuckleboom. Contact your NFE sales representative to discuss IMT crane options for your propane truck.

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