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Utility Trucks

Utility Trucks - Custom Built for Your Needs

We know that the utility industry requires a lot of specialized equipment for endless different jobs, and the utility trucks needed are no different. We can upfit trucks for any utility-related job, and as with all the truck we produce, we build them with the safety and efficiency of the end user in mind. At Nichols Fleet, we specialize in custom utility truck beds to meet your needs. For over 25 years our experts have worked with customers to come up with innovative solutions for utility trucks to help them get the work done faster, safer, and more efficiently.

Prinoth Utility Vehicles

NFE is pleased to partner Prinoth of Canada, makers of tracked utility vehicles capable of accepting a variety of implements and carrying them to job sites of any condition. Whether mud, gravel or snow, Prinoth tracked vehicles are reliable tools for extreme use in extreme environments. Thanks to their huge payload, these vehicles can be equipped with a multitude of specialized attachments.

Digger Derrick - By Elliott Equipment

Elliott’s Digger Derrick line is specifically engineered for transmission and heavy-duty construction projects. Built to work hard, day after day, year after year, the digger line boasts Elliott’s high boom pinpoint geometry allowing for maximum power out of the hole, as well as features offering ergonomic seating and a variable displacement piston pump. Mounted on tandem and tridem chassis or Prinoth tracked carriers, Elliott’s new digger derricks boast 20,000 foot/pounds of torque and up to a 44-foot digging radius. Each unit is equipped with Elliott’s high boom pinpoint geometry allowing for maximum power out of the hole, a variable displacement piston pump, and a new ergonomic seated control console.

Aerial Work Platforms - Elliott Lifts for Utilities

NFE is proud to offer the complete range of Elliott Equipment aerial work platforms use in the Utility Industry. Elliott is the industry leader in high-reach aerial platforms, and we have several factory trained and certified employees in both our Sales, Service, and Parts departments to take care of all of your Elliott questions and needs.

IMT Cranes - Utility Application

IMT telescopic and articulating cranes offer all the lifting power you need for any situation where you need reliable, safe, and efficient lifting solutions. Our team will work with you to help you find the right IMT crane for your utility application.

Miller EnPak

At NFE, we have extensive experience utilizing the Miller EnPak system in a variety of applications and one of the most prominent is in the Utilities industry. With Tier 4 engines becoming the norm, truck chassis are simply not able to withstand the constant idling required by a traditional PTO setup. The EnPak meets those challenges head on, and when you combine its air and generator power with additions like our hydraulic tool circuit, the EnPak creates a do-it-all solution for utility trucks.

MaxiLift Cranes for Utilities

MaxiLift cranes provide power and versatility in a compact package making them perfect for use in the Utility Industry. Whether you're pulling fire hydrants or handling larger items, MaxiLift cranes provide a lot of lifting power in a compact footprint.

Reading Truck Bodies

NFE offers the full line of Reading truck bodies. Whether you are looking for the Classic II line of steel utility bodies, lightweight aluminum bodies, or larger custom utility creations, we can meet your utility truck needs some of the finest utility bodies in the industry.

Custom Utility Truck Beds

We offer bodies with plenty of storage space for whatever you need, and we can customize the layout to your specific desires. We’ve outfitted body compartments with everything from hydraulic pavement breakers to microwaves.

Nichols Fleet Equipment Custom Solutions

NFE offers customized bodies built to handle any size load from hydrants to large transformers. With our in-house CAD design capability, we can design a body for you and show you exactly how the finished product will look-- this enables us to experiment with placements and dial in exactly what the customer wants.

[NFE] is a family company; they treat their customers as they would wish to be treated, and they have employees who do the same. They have delivered units all across the country for me & have never not solved any problem or left us with any concerns.
Larry Knight, Cummins Powersouth (Ret)


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