We believe that the equipment we sell to our customers is the best equipment in the industry, and every day we see examples of that being true. Trucks we put into service over 20 years ago can still be seen heading to jobs in the Chattanooga area and beyond. 

We know that work trucks can take a beating, and while sometimes a truck can look pretty rough, the underlying equipment can still be in great shape. One of the services we offer our customers is full refurbishment of their existing equipment. We evaluate the customer’s equipment and see what it takes to get it looking and functioning like new and, in many cases, we can do it. 

Utilizing our in-house paint and Line-X facility, our expert parts department, and our talented service technicians, we can take an old body and crane and bring them back to life, often for far less than the cost of new equipment. We can remount the refurbished equipment on a customer’s existing chassis or help them source a new one. 

If you would lilke to breathe some new life into your older equipment, contact us and let us discuss refurb options with you. 

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Maintainer Refurb

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