EnPak Utility Truck Video

EnPak Utility Truck Video

DATE: August 25, 2016
CATEGORY: Custom Designs, Utility Trucks, Custom Trucks

NFE-Built EnPak Utility Truck Stars in new Miller Promo Video

We were very excited and honored to see one of our trucks starring in this recent promo video from our friends at Miller Electric. We've long been singing the praises of their EnPak system, and as one of the top installers of EnPaks in the country, we pride ourselves on the unparalleled quality of our EnPak installations. For several years now, we've seen more and more of our customers running service trucks making the switch to EnPak, and its benefits in the mechanics truck setting cannot be denied. But the EnPak shines in any application wherein PTO-generated power has been traditionally required.

As Miller's video shows, the EnPak system can produce big savings for your business, no matter what your industry is. If your truck-mounted equipment is powered with a PTO/pump system, contact us to see how the EnPak can go to work and save you money while extended the life of your chassis. We've installed EnPaks on mechanics trucks, lube trucks, utility trucks, and more. It's versatility is excellent and the support behind it is exceptional. 

Give us a call, and let us put our expertise with this product to work for you.

"Turn off your truck. Turn on your EnPak."

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