Exciting New Things at NFE!

Exciting New Things at NFE!

DATE: March 30, 2016
CATEGORY: News & Events

With our 25th anniversary coming up, we thought this would be a great time to start implementing some long-discussed changes. 

Probably the biggest change we're rolling out this year is our new and improved website: www.nicholsfleet.com 

We knew that we were due for an update to the old site, and we wanted to make ours the best site in the industry. We feel like we've acheived that and we're very excited with the (mostly) finished product. 

While we'll still be adding some things here and there and updating regularly, we hope you'll find the site a much better showcase of what we've been working hard to create over that last 25 years. 

The site will give our customers a lot more info about the NFE story, showcase the industry-leading equipment we assemble, and hopefully, explain why we feel we do things better than the competition.

We work hard to put out the best service trucks in the industry, and we wanted an enhanced web presence that showed that.  

Thanks for looking!

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