Don’t Sweat the Small Trucks

Don’t Sweat the Small Trucks

Fleet Equipment Means Trucks of All Sizes

Specializing in fleet equipment means we handle trucks of all types to meet our customers needs. We offer one-stop convenience for anything from larger mechanics truck units, to aerial lifts, to pickups. We're currently working on a 10-unit order of Toyota Tundras for a customer who asked us to provide their foreman trucks in addition to their larger service trucks.

We are upfitting these Tundras with wheel chocks & storage, fire extinguishers, LED strobes, and white spray-on liner for rock protection, as these trucks see a lot of use in mines and quarries. So while these units are not as involved as a large lube truck, we provide our cusotmers with one source for all fo their fleet needs. For us, though, it's also pretty nice to switch it up a little bit every now and then and build something a little different! 

We think these are great looking trucks and our end users enjoy them on the job. If you would like to discuss fleet truck options for your company, please contact a member of our sales team, and we'll be happy to talk about options for your company. 

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