Transit Van PM Service Unit

Transit Van PM Service Unit

DATE: February 13, 2017
CATEGORY: Air Compressors, Specialty & Export Trucks, Utility Trucks

PM Service Unit: Ford Transit/Reading Bodies

We are currently working on several PM service units for a great customer of ours in the heavy equipment world. While we typically assemble larger mechanics trucks for these folks, they had a need for some smaller units that could respond to PM service opportunities where a crane truck might not be needed. Upfitted with all-aluminum Reading bodies and VMAC "Lite" 30cfm rotary screw underhood air compressors, these units provide ample storage for parts and tools, plenty of on-demand air power for tools, and over 4,000lbs of payload, all while staying under 9,950lb GVWR. 

More and more, we are seeing folks looking at "alternative" options for service trucks and the Transit-sized units are becoming a much more common thing to see in the US these days. The need for fast, efficient service is always there, and for us, it's very interesting to see how our custmers respond to the unique revenue-producing opportunities they encounter. We're glad we can provide quality products lines to help them do it. 

Features Include:

For more information about these and other NFE service truck options, please contact us! 

  • Ford Transit & All-Aluminum Reading Body

  • Street-Side Compartment Configuration

  • Curb-Side Compartment Configuration

  • Reelcraft Air Hose Reel & FLR in RR Compartment

  • Rear Access Doors

  • Reading Shelving

  • Inside the All-Aluminum Reading Body

  • Cab Access Door to Body

  • Reading Keyless Entry & Alarm Control

  • 30cfm VMAC Rotary Screw Compressor

  • Prime Design Ladder System

  • Prime Design Ladder System

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