Miller EnPak A28

EnPak A28

We were early fans of the orginal EnPak A60 power system when Miller first brought it to market, and as such, we've become one of the premier EnPak installers in the US. As we try to do with all of our equipment, we take great products and make them better through meticulously detailed and thoughtful installations and customized solutions. This unit is one of our first A28 installations and a great one to showcase where this product really shines-- high-idle situations where hydraulic power (for hydraulic cranes and compressors) isn't needed, but wherein techs still demand plenty of on-demand air power, electrical generation, welding capabilities, and more:

  • The EnPak A28’s industrial rotary-screw air compressor outperforms and outlasts reciprocating designs. It instantly delivers 28 cfm of continuous air output, even in cold weather.
  • The 5,500-watt generator delivers 120V and 240V power to run jobsite tools and lights — and even operate truck-mounted electric-hydraulic cranes.
  • The EnPak A28 delivers up to 100 amps of DC power for 12V and 24V battery charging and up to 300 amps for crank assist.
  • With its 210-amp stick welder, the EnPak A28 is ready to help work crews increase productivity and minimize downtime.
  • The EnPak A28 uses an efficient gasoline engine to drive its air compressor, generator and stick welder. Compared to large work truck engines, EnPak uses far less fuel to do the same amount of work.
  • Equipping a work truck with an EnPak A28 can decrease truck engine idling by up to 75 percent, reducing fuel costs and minimizing expensive engine repairs and maintenance. For a Tier-4 diesel work truck, that idling time reduction can save more than $50,000 over a 10-year period.
  • Compared to a work truck with a PTO-driven air compressor and an engine-driven welder/generator, the EnPak A28 cuts weight by up to 550 pounds and increases available payload by up to 24 cubic feet — so trucks can carry the equipment needed to get jobs done. Coupled with the industry-leading low weights of our IMT bodies and cranes, that can result in big weight savings over the competition. 

Just like its big brother the A60, the A28 is a versitle solution but for smaller service trucks. No matter the size of your truck, Tier 4 engines simply aren't made to idle, and they will develop problems sooner than later when they do. 

With this particular install, our customer didn't need a crane, but air, welding, and jumping were important-- the A28 had them covered. And just like with our EnPak A60 installations, we take the time to make sure the machine is properly insatlled and protected. Notice the custom-designed hose/wiring protection our install techs designed to ensure that all wiring and hoses were protected from potential damage-- it's how we'd want our own trucks built, so that's how we build yours

If you have any questions about the A28 or any EnPak products, please contact NFE, and we'll be happy to get an NFE Sales Rep in touch with you.  

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  • EnPak A28

    Miller EnPak A28 on an IMT DSC20 Body

  • EnPak A28

    NFE Customized Hose & Wiring Protection

  • EnPak A28

    Wiring & Hoses Protected & Cleanly Routed

  • EnPak A28

    EnPak A28 w/ IMT DSC20 - High Performance, High Payload

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    EnPak A28 Control Panel Installation

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